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About Us

ENS Technologies is a young company that recently formed, though its members have been in the Information Technology industry for over 10 years with expertise ranging from PC Engineering, Server Administration, Networking and Cisco Networking. It has been founded with an intention to cater mainly for the individual user and the small to medium sized companies with a sole goal of offering them the IT industry standard of service that is offered to the larger cooperate companies but at reasonable rates.


Why Us:

We understand that there are a lot of IT companies out there which makes it difficult for a client to know which company to chose. We could tell you that we have the best engineers who are Microsoft and cisco certified, but we would rather not.
We understand that companies out there need a partner that understands what kind of pressure they go though when their IT systems are not functional. We therefore are prepared to tell you the following:

  • We will always listen,
  • We will always care and
  • We won’t let you down

We Pledge To:

    • Provide first class service at reasonable rates
    • Conduct business in an ethical, honest and professional manner
    • Continue training in order to integrate new and emerging technologies
    • Consistently offer innovative and creative solutions