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We understand that companies out there need a partner that understands what kind of pressure they go though when their IT systems are not functional.

What We Do

ENS Technologies is a young company that recently formed, though its members have been in the Information Technology industry for over 10 years with expertise ranging from PC Engineering, Server Administration, Networking and Cisco Networking. It has been founded with an intention to cater mainly for the individual user and the small to medium sized companies with a sole goal of offering them the IT industry standard of service that is offered to the larger cooperate companies but at reasonable rates.

Network Solutions

Whether you are moving into a new building, relocating offices to an already existing building, growing your company through physical expansion, or simply rearranging your current layout and wanting additional data points, moves and or changes made, ENS Technologies is here to make it all happen

Business Support

We understand that many businesses rely majorly on IT systems. We have therefore tailored our services to suit all business needs leaving you to continue doing what you do best and that is to run your company. We take the frustration of running an IT department from you and we ensure that your systems are running.

Branding &Web Solutions

At ENS Technologies we believe each client is unique and such are his/her needs. Whether it is a website, a business card, or a simple brochure, all these deserve to be 'unique'. In branding, we take great care in listening to the needs to the client and we believe that though this approach, a partnership between us and the client is formed and the end product becomes the pride of both the client and us.

Home User Support

Not only do we look after the business fraternity, we also cater for the home user.  We will bring life to any broken computer, assist with any networking issues and advise on any new hardware or software purchases. So if that PC is driving you up the wall or your require a high spec gaming PC, our skilled technicians will assist you with that.